International Strategy

Our vision

In 2016 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the award of our Royal Charter. We will be recognised as a centre of international research and teaching excellence, achieving global impact through our alumni, research and Strategic Partnerships.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver world-class research and teaching, educating our students to become future leaders and innovators, and benefiting the wider population through our research, enterprise and influence.

Core priorities 

1. Building a research network

The International Strategy is comprehensive and research-led, extending and deepening excellence in the faculties and school, and prioritising partnerships that will enhance our reputation, global presence and research excellence. It promotes sustainable, long-term and multi-disciplinary Strategic Partnerships at university, faculty/school and departmental levels.

We will:

  • develop and sustain world-class research by means of multilateral and bilateral partnerships in key strategic locations with pre-eminent universities in their respective regions
  • secure partnerships with funding bodies, government and civil society actors, alumni and corporate partners
  • invest in the mobility of our research community in pursuit of research excellence and global impact
  • continue to invest in doctoral mobility and full PhD scholarships alongside the vigorous pursuit of externally funded scholarships
  • support Capacity-Building Partnerships in research with partners seeking to enhance national or institutional research systems. 

2. Building an education network

We recognise the importance of attracting excellent international students and staff to remain internationally competitive. We are committed to ensuring that the educational experience is world-class.  We also recognise and support capacity-building partnerships in education.

We will:

  • excel in attracting the very best global talent to the University irrespective of country of origin
  • promote outward and inward mobility for the purposes of study or work and thus support global graduate attributes in order to remain among the leading UK universities in graduate employability
  • support our intercultural awareness and our international community of staff and students on campus and overseas.

3. Projecting the University overseas

The University recognises the significance of investing in our global network and raising its international profile.

We will:

  • increase the scale of engagement with overseas alumni and other international stakeholders
  • make high-impact contributions to global higher education dialogues.

To follow the implementation of the International Strategy, please visit International Relations Office