Tip: share the load

Don't wash half a load of clothes – share your laundry with a friend and save cash.



Laundrettes with tumble dryers are provided on campus and in city residences.

All are operated by a Circuit laundry card. Laundry cards are provided free to students at the start of your accommodation contract.

The laundry facilities are provided for the use of residential students only.

Where is my nearest laundrette?

Facilities on campus are located:

  • by the Eastwood turning circle
  • Marlborough Court
  • Woodland Court
  • Westwood, by the West Accommodation Centre
  • Norwood House (on level 4). 
  • The Quads

Facilities in city residences are located in:

  • John Wood complex
  • Cleveland Buildings
  • Pulteney Court
  • Thornbank Gardens
  • central area of Carpenter House.

Report a fault

All laundry services are managed by Circuit Laundry. Report a faulty machine on 0800 0924 068. You will need to quote the location of the laundrette and the machine number.

We are unable to issue any refunds on Circuit Laundry's behalf.

Laundry costs

To use one of the laundrettes you will need to make sure that you have sufficient credit on your Circuit laundry card, you can top up your card online.

  • standard wash: £2.30
  • super cycle wash: £2.50
  • tumble dry: £1.10

Lost cards

If you should use your laundry card a replacement card can be purchased from one of the vending machines located at the following locations:

  • East Accommodation Centre
  • Westwood laundry, by the West Accommodation Centre
  • John Wood laundrette.

Replacment cards cost £5.00, which includes one free wash.

Laundry View

Circuit Laundry's website enables you to check the availability of washers and dryers in real-time.

Laundry Help

For further assistance visit the Circuit Laundry help pages