Tip: Sort junk mail

To cut down on junk mail, register with the Mailing Preference Service.

It's a simple, two-minute process which will cut down the amount of junk mail you receive, and the amount of time we spend sorting it.


Mail and parcels

Mail is delivered Monday to Friday and can be collected 24 hours a day from designated post boxes using your library card.

A post box, which can only be opened using a unique code, will be allocated to each kitchen group before you enrol.

The code will be emailed to you.

When giving out your address, please use your full postal address, as stated in your contract.


Room number
Accommodation house address

There are several post boxes located around the campus.

  • Students in Cotswold, Derhill, Quantock, Conygre, Wolfson, Mendip and Quarry halls should collect their mail from the mailbox room between Barclays bank and Fresh shop exit.
  • Students in Eastwood or Marlborough Court should collect their mail from the mailbox room next to the Accommodation Parcel Room.
  • Students in Woodland Court and Solsbury Court should collect their mail from the mailbox room next to the East Accommodation Centre.
  • Students in The Quads should collect their mail from the mailbox room alongside Acer Quad.
  • Students in Osborne House should collect their mail from the mailbox room within the building.
  • There are mailboxes in the communal areas of Polden Court, Brendon Court and Norwood.

Download the post boxes map to locate them.

Collecting parcels and recorded mail

Items that require a signature will be held at the Accommodation Parcel Room.

We will email you to let you know your item has arrived, and you can collect it between 11am - 6.30 pm (Monday to Friday), and also 9.45am - 12.15pm on Saturdays, during term-time only.

Outside of term time parcels can be collected Monday to Friday between 11am and 4.45 pm.

When collecting your parcel please ensure you have the reference number written down (as stated on your email notification) and bring it along with some formal identification such as your library card or passport.

Students living in city campus residences can collect their mail from their housekeeping office.

Accommodation post codes

Postcodes for the accommodation on campus are:

Accommodation house Post code
Polden Court BA2 7AY
Westwood BA2 7JY
Marlborough Court BA2 7PA
Solsbury Court BA2 7PB
Norwood House BA2 7AY
Osborne House BA2 6DR
Eastwood BA2 7JX
Woodland Court BA2 7PD
The Quads BA2 7PJ