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Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386816

PhD Supervision

Alex is interested in supervising students studying:

  • Communication and BIM
  • Managing project complexity
  • Decision making models
  • Health and safety
  • Sustainable construction management skills
  • Learning and teaching innovation

Dr Alex Copping


Alex is a Senior Lecturer in Construction Project Management. He is Director of Studies for the MSc in International Construction Management taught by distance learning.

Alex gained his PhD from De Montfort University and his MSc from Loughborough University. Before entering academia he has worked for Kier as a site engineer, Trafalgar House Construction as a design and build manager, as a research fellow in the Estate Management Office of De Montfort University and as a research consultant for Babcock Construction.


Alex's research interests in the area of Construction Project Management revolve around the relationship between project complexity, project management methodologies and the management of resources pertaining to “integrated delivery” in project environments. Within this theme he is currently supervising PhD projects addressing issues of process innovation, including BIM maturity assessment tools, knowledge sharing, value benchmarking and sustainable construction management practices in refurbishment projects.
Alex also has a research interest in teaching and learning innovations which has naturally evolved from managing distance and flexible learning programmes and the need to develop innovative methods of delivery. He has a particular passion for exploring the concept of ‘life-long-learning’ and the ‘learner journey’ and recent research projects include: problem-based e-learning; feedback practices for e-tutors; unit evaluation techniques for distance learning delivery; the web residency habits of students; the use of animation as a teaching resource.


Alex has extensive experience in programme management, curriculum development and content writing for flexible delivery. He has acted as a visiting critic to several Universities around the world. He has worked as an independent consultant on a number of international educational pedagogy projects in the built environment. He has served on academic accreditation and review committees in Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Tanzania and the Middle East.

Teaching units
AR20318 Civil Engineering Management 1
AR40319 Advanced Construction Management 


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Conference or Workshop Items

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