Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering


Room: 6 East 3.05
Tel: 01225 38 2502

Dr Ahmed Elsayed Elsayed Ali Hussin



Dr Ahmed Elsayed is a Research Associate in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, working for the research project FITS LCD project: (Fabric Integrated Thermal Storage for Low-Carbon Dwellings).

The research will generate new knowledge in a number of areas: the architectural integration of thermal storage materials (eliminating the space penalty associated with water tanks); interfacing of thermal stores with heterogeneous heat sources; and information on the acceptability of the participation of domestic heat storage in energy networks.


Dr Elsayed have been involved in a number of consultancy projects including thermosyphon heat exchangers analysis tool for Sterling Thermal Technology Ltd, film wise and dropwise condensation for Alkemy Gold Ltd. 

His research interests include:

• Energy efficient buildings
• Thermal equipment and renewable energy technologies
• Refrigeration and air conditioning
• Computational fluid dynamics
• Multiphase flow Applications.