Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering


Room: 6 East 3.05
Tel: 01225 38 2502

Dr Ahmed Elsayed Elsayed Ali Hussin



Dr Ahmed Elsayed is a Research Associate in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, working for the research project FITS LCD project: (Fabric Integrated Thermal Storage for Low-Carbon Dwellings).

The research will generate new knowledge in a number of areas: the architectural integration of thermal storage materials (eliminating the space penalty associated with water tanks); interfacing of thermal stores with heterogeneous heat sources; and information on the acceptability of the participation of domestic heat storage in energy networks.

Before joining the Department Dr Elsayed was a postdoctoral researcher at Coventry University for fluid dynamics analysis of automotive exhaust systems and a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham between Jan 2012 and April 2015 for analysis of Stirling engines and adsorption chillers.

He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with thermal analysis experience from the University of Birmingham in December 2011.


Dr Elsayed have been involved in a number of consultancy projects including thermosyphon heat exchangers analysis tool for Sterling Thermal Technology Ltd, film wise and dropwise condensation for Alkemy Gold Ltd, development of low temperature adsorption cooling prototyping system for Weatherite Manufacturing.

His research interests include:

• Energy efficient buildings
• Thermal equipment and renewable energy technologies
• Refrigeration and air conditioning
• Computational fluid dynamics
• Multiphase flow Applications.