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Dr Manuel Herrera Fernandez



Manuel Herrera is Licentiate in Statistics at the Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) and PhD in Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Studies at the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), where he also worked as part-time lecturer at the Applied Mathematics Department.

After obtaining his PhD degree in 2011, he did postdoctoral work at Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and Imperial College London (UK), which focused on Multidisciplinary Optimization, Machine Learning, and Complex Networks approaches to Engineering and Environmental applications. He then joined the EDEn (Energy and Design of Environments) research group, at the University of Bath in 2015, as Research Associate to work in the COLBE (The Creation of Localized Current and Future Weather for the Built Environment) project. It is worth mentioning that this project has been awarded funding by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Currently, Manuel’s work is on the statistical analysis of weather and climate data. This will include a number of tasks related to data analysis, synthesis and management, including:
● Creation of test and extreme weather event years for inter-year comparisons
● Build and maintain a repository of high-resolution future weather data

Additional Manuel’s research interests lie on developing novel Data Mining methods, investigating the use of Graph Databases, and implementing new solutions in the topic of Urban Informatics for applications on Infrastructure and Hydraulics; subjects in which he has successfully co-supervised 2 PhD thesis.


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