Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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Room: 6 East 3.14
Tel: 01225 386621

Dr David Miranda

PhD Mech. Eng. MI Civil Eng.


David Miranda is a Research Associate in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, where he is developing design tools for concrete materials and structural optimisation.

David graduated in Civil engineering with specialisation in structures at the University of Porto.

He dedicated his PhD to the study of numerical models for ‘Computational Generation and Homogenisation of Random Close Packed Materials’ using the Finite Element Method and 'multi-scale modeling' techniques.

After working as a project engineer, David developed research experience design and modelling of fibre-reinforced composite materials with INEGI in Portugal.


David's research interests incude: 

  • computational methods to describe materials and structures and their application for design
  • mathematical and computational techniques to solve engineering problems
  • development of innovative structural concepts
  • applications of composites for engineering.