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Dr Erfan Shahabpoor



Erfan Shahabpoor is a lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Human-Structure Dynamics at the University of Bath.

Erfan graduated with a first class BA degree in Civil Engineering from the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) in 2006. After spending two years in industry, Erfan joined the University of Sheffield to do his MSc in Structural Dynamics and Control and secured a prestigious Faculty Scholarship for his PhD research on Dynamic Interaction of Human and Vibrating Structures. He was appointed as lecturer in BIHE in 2009, the role he serves ever since. In 2014, Erfan joined the INSIGNEO Institute of the University of Sheffield as a post-doctoral research associate to work on developing wearable technologies for monitoring human movement in real-life environment.

Erfan Joined the Department as lecturer in 2017.


Erfan's current research interests follow two main themes:

The first theme involves vibration measurement of real-world structures, modelling human-induced structural vibrations, human-structure dynamic interaction, and investigating human perception and acceptability of structural vibration. Working together with an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, physiologists, building physicists and structural engineers, this work will provide the next generation of motion and vibration serviceability criteria and assessment methods.

The second theme focuses on 1) developing wearable technologies for monitoring human movement, and collecting and analysing high-dimensional big data for health monitoring and early diagnosis of movement diseases, and 2) developing context-aware assistive technologies for aging population.

The external funds that supported Erfan’s research up to this point are:

- British Council Newton Fund for Britain-China Research Collaboration on Employing Information and Communications Technologies in Homes and Cities for the Health and Well Being of Older People, £2.5k, 2016

- National Instruments Academic Research Grant on ‘Prototyping a novel wearable robot research platform for research on fall prevention and assisted balance’, £5k, 2016

- Xsens limited on ‘Prototyping a novel wearable robot research platform for research on fall prevention and assisted balance’, £2k, 2016

- Worldwide University Network (WUN) Research Mobility Fund, £2.5k, 2015

- Full-scale Dynamics, ltd., on Developing a structural vibration serviceability assessment methodology based on occupants’ experience, £14.5k, 2013


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