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Room: 4ES 5.11
Tel: 01225 386650

Structural bamboo project

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Dr Bhavna Sharma

MA, MSc, PhD

Dr Bhavna Sharma joined the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering as a Lecturer in 2015. Prior to joining the Department, she was a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge.


Bhavna is interested in the use of sustainable construction materials in design and engineering. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate and develop natural materials, such as bamboo, for structural use. Areas of research include structural and small scale experimental testing, modelling and design.

Through a multi-scale approach, her research forms the basis for non-conventional materials to be utilised and accepted in design and engineering practice.


  • BS Architecture
  • MA Architectural History
  • MSc Structural Engineering
  • PhD Structural Engineering


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