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Dr Andy Shea

Contact details

Room: 6E 3.25
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386158

PhD supervision

Interested in supervising students studying:

  • Hygrothermal performance of Natural Fibre Insulation (NFI) materials
  • Retrofit applications for NFI & Cost-Effective Building Superinsulation Systems
  • Building energy performance evaluation and simulation including FEA of heat transfer effects in building components

Dr Andy Shea

BEng.(Hons), MPhil, EngD, DMS, FHEA, CEng. MCIBSE, MASHRAE.


Dr Andy Shea is a Senior Lecturer in Building Physics in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering.

Andy Shea joined the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering in December 2008, having previously held the positions of Research Engineer at the former BBSRC Silsoe Research Institute, Senior Researcher at Oxford University, and Research Assistant at the University of Sheffield. Additionally, Andy has many years’ experience in the construction industry, having worked as both engineering design consultant and contractor. He is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, and the Wind Engineering Society. Andy is a winner of CIBSE´s prestigious Leon Gaster Award and Napier Shaw Bronze Medal.  He is referee for a number of international journals.


Andy's main research interests and experience span a range of building environmental performance themes primarily the thermal performance of building materials, natural ventilation of buildings, lighting, and development of building energy simulation models. He has strong links to industry and works closely with designers and manufacturers engaged in the development of low-impact materials for use in construction. His research has been supported by a variety of funders including, EPSRC, TSB, and UK industry. Current and recent research EPSRC funded projects EP/N021479/1 FITS-LCD: Fabric Integrated Thermal Storage for Low-Carbon Dwellings and EP/J019917/1- Resolving uncertainty in the thermal performance of natural fibre insulation materials; TSB Project 450002 - Bath Campus Building Energy Performance Evaluation, as well as a range of industry and KTP-funded projects.

Teaching units

  • Building Environment III (AR30403)
  • Building Environment IV (AR40444)
  • Building Environmental Design Project (AR40415)
  • Design Studio 4.1 (AR30021)
  • Daylight & Shading (AR50347)
  • Natural Ventilation in Buildings (AR50349)
  • Thermal Performance of Facades (AR50351)
  • Thermal Analysis of Facades (AR50379)


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Conference or Workshop Items

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