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Dr Danielle Wain

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Room: 4ES 3.7
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Interested in supervising students studying:

  • Environmental fluid mechanics
  • Physical limnology
  • Coastal oceanography
  • Water quality engineering.

Dr Danielle Wain



Dr Danielle Wain is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Water Quality Engineering with the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Danielle graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from Cornell University (USA) after which she spent two years in the US Peace Corps building rural water systems in the Dominican Republic.

Upon return, she worked for a year as an engineer in environmental consulting until pursuing an MS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois (USA).

She completed a PhD in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University (USA) in 2009.

Danielle then spent two years as a research associate in the Ocean Physics Department at the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington (USA).

She most recently had a postdoctoral fellowship from the Changing Earth Science Network of the European Space Agency at the AirSea Laboratory at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Danielle joined the University of Bath in 2013.


Danielle's expertise lies in field-based environmental fluid mechanics research in lakes and the ocean, where density stratification (usually caused by temperature or salinity) restricts the vertical mixing of nutrients, oxygen, sediments and other substances, often controlling their spatial variability. She investigates how turbulence is generated by internal waves (ranging from high frequency waves to lower frequency internal seiches and internal tides), how internal waves interact with lake boundaries and submarine canyons in the ocean, and how internal waves drive offshore mass transport. She has further interest in the hydrodynamics of bubble plumes used for destratifying reservoirs.


  • Civil Engineering Hydraulics 2


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