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Dr Mike Wells

Visiting Research Fellow

BA (Cantab) MA (Cantab) CEnv C.WEM CSci C.Biol MCIEEM MCIWEM MSB


Mike Wells is both a professional ecologist and an ecourbanist, with over 20 years of consultancy experience and over 30 years in ecological science.  He started teaching at the University some 15 years ago on the Master of Architecture Course, delivering just one annual lecture.  This involvement grew to his design and delivery of modules on ecological design for both the MArch course and the MSc in the Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design on the topic of Environmental Impact. 

Mike has also lectured for several years in sustainable ecological urban design on the Cities Programme of the London School of Economics and in environmental impact assessment and design at the Universities of Bristol, Cardiff and Plymouth.  Mike has served as external accreditor of a new landscape architecture course at the University of Kingston.  He has served as Garfield Weston Visiting Tutor at Heriot-Watt School of Landscape architecture, Edinburgh and as external examiner of the horticulture course at Kew Gardens, London.

Mike has published widely in relation to the ecological aspects of urban regeneration, masterplanning and design. He is a great proponent of achieving positive environmental impacts through development schemes.  He has expertise in habitat creation and management for a variety of habitats in the UK and abroad not only in the general landscape but also on built form.  He is a registered consultant with the River Restoration Centre due to his knowledge of the ecological design of tidal river edges.

Mike also has extensive experience in the preparation of long-term ecological management plans including for regeneration sites and in the practical issues associated with achieving successful management of biodiverse urban landscapes around the world. He has trained regional staff within English Partnerships (now Homes and Communities Agency) around the UK on designing for biodiversity.  Mike continues to seek projects that are setting new standards in ecologically informed masterplanning, architecture and landscape design.

Having been Associate Director at NPA Environmental Planners in Bath, in 2006 Mike co-founded Biodiversity by Design Ltd, with the express aim of focusing on creative multifunctional ecology.  Mike's key current  interests lie in exploring the  opportunities for biodiversity enhancement and ecological education in the creative gaps between Ecology and other disciplines including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil and Structural Engineering and Art.

Mike is an Academician of the Academy of Urbanism, a Board Member of the Operational Board of the Sustainable Environment Foundation, a Board Member of the Bristol Urban Design Forum and a Committee Member of the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Biodiversity.  He is currently assisting in providing evidence for the Farrell review of architecture in the UK.