Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

A key benefit of the CDT at Bath will be its production of the highly skilled engineers, researchers, and business leaders that are needed if the UK is to maintain global competitiveness.

—Mike Otlet, Director, Engineering & Design, Atkins

Arup recognises Bath’s leadership in the field.

—Kate Canning, Arup

Industrial Partners

The University has partnered with leaders in architecture and the engineering industry to establish the Centre for Doctoral Training in Decarbonisation of the Built Environment. Our current partners are:

As low-carbon design becomes more prominent around the world, there is increasing need within industry for highly trained scientists and engineers knowledgeable about sustainability, decarbonisation of the built environment and building physics.

Our industrial partners greatly value the enhanced postgraduate training offered by our doctoral programme, which prepares our students to address the decarbonisation of the UK and also the competitiveness of the UK design and construction industry in an international arena.


Industrial collaboration with the Centre includes partnership and supervision in PhD research projects, strategic advice, and the hosting of internships. In addition, ideas will be generated through an annual Industry-Academia Think Tank, which will bring together all the supervisors, industry partners and current research students and contribute to setting the future research agenda for the Centre.