Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering


CASA members are engaged in collaborative projects across the broad spectrum of architecture, including:

Project People Funding and partners
Water Efficiency (WATEF) Network
The network facilitates a creative and collaborative network for the exchange fo ideas concerning water conservation, reuse and efficiency in the built environment.
Kemi Adeyeye (Network Manager) Supported by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.
Network partners include Waterwise, SUDS, Bathroom Manufacturers Association and others.
Innovation Processes in the Interface Between Material Production and Construction.
This three-year project aims to explore, understand and close the knowledge gap between materials producers and contractors. The aim is to improve the uptake of innovations within the construction industry in Sweden.
Stephen Emmitt (Principal Investigator) Swedish Knowledge Foundation (4 million Swedish Kroner). Project partners are Halmstad University, in association with three industrial partners Celsa Steel, Derome, and Lindab.
Writing Britain’s Ruins, 1700-1850
Interdisciplinary research network that seeks to explore the links between Gothic architecture, heritage and literature.
Marion Harney (Network member and host of two network events) AHRC-funded network. Partners include leading UK universities.