Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Implementation of sustainable construction materials

At a glance

Research type: Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Systems
Funding body: ESPRC
Principal investigator: Andrew Heath
Co-investigators: Kevin Paine and James Norman (Ramboll)
Researcher: Ellen Grist
Industrial partner: Ramboll
Dates: 2009-2013


The EngD is a four year programme, which combines doctoral level academic research, industry experience and taught Masters level modules in business and management. This integrated approach aims to dovetail industry relevant research and commercial innovation.

In year 2009-10 Ellen’s lab-based research focused on lime-concrete, specifically on developing a high performance limecrete for modern structural applications. In addition to analysis and development of the structural material itself, this research project is being used as a case study, highlighting the challenges associated with the commercialisation of any new sustainable technology. This on-going project includes studying the effect of industrial by-products, as additions to hydraulic lime-concrete, in particular the potential benefits of these constituent materials in reducing the environmental impact and enhancing the strength, rate of strength development and durability of the limecrete.

Working in Ramboll, Ellen is also in a unique position to undertake organisational research and to look for solutions aimed at improving business systems, which will in turn facilitate the implementation of these new materials and technologies.