Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Lifetime extension of reinforced concrete slab-on beam structures

At a glance

Funding: EPSRC
Principal investigator: Tim Ibell
Co-investigators: Antony Darby, Mark Evernden
Researcher: Monika Grusova
Academic partners: Janet Lees, Chris Morley (University of Cambridge)
Industry partners: Parsons Brinckerhoff; Tony GEE Consultants; Arup & Partners Ltd; LG Mouchel and Partners; Highways Agency; Concrete Repairs Ltd; The Concrete Society; FYFE Europe SA.
Dates: 2011-2014


Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials are widely used for strengthening of existing reinforced concrete (RC) structures to ensure sustainability and meet the increasing demands on the RC infrastructure. Although the use of these strengthening systems is not innovative, a little is known about the true structural behaviour and the contribution of FRP in realistically sized beams subject to shear.

The project addresses the need for greater understanding of the mechanical behaviour of slab-on-beam structures externally shear strengthened with FRP through extensive experimental testing. These experiments will provide valuable information about the factors directly influencing the structural behaviour of the system such as the specimen size.

This approach will in turn lead to analytical formulation of the problem resulting in mechanics-based recommendations for fabric-bonded shear strengthened RC beams. Throughout the research, the results from both experimental and analytical work will be recorded and disseminated through attendance and participation at international conferences. Research findings will be published in peer-review journals and implemented in guidelines for industrial applications.