Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Scientific methodology

The key steps in the development of the HempCell panel

  • refinement of hemp-lime by developing novel binder formulation resulting into rapid setting
  • developing rapid drying method resulting in new manufacturing protocol
  • designing and manufacturing the composite HempCell panel
  • European certification of the product.

The whole process will encompass desktop research, concept testing, demonstration and evaluation of the product in test cells in the UK and France and in a high-level material testing facility in Spain.


  • literature review
  • developing binder formulations
    • selection of rapid setting additives for testing
    • testing of rapid setting additives as part of binder
    • development of candidate binder formulations
  • developing novel drying method
    • development of the drying rig
    • determination of the optimal air pressure for drying
  • developing hemp-lime with candidate binder formulations using the novel drying method
  • characterisation of candidate hemp-lime
    • Thermal conductivity
    • moisture buffering
    • compressive strength
  • selection of the hemp-lime formulation for panel production
  • panel development and manufacturing comprising hemp-lime and hemp fibre to contribute to a wall U-value of 0.15 W/m2K
  • Testing of the Hempcell panels in test cells and in a testing facility
    • Co-heating test in the UK comparing with test cells of conventional insulation materials
    • Heat flux through the walls
    • Temperature, relative humidity and moisture in the walls
  • Data acquisition and data analysis.

Work programme diagram

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