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Latest news on straw homes

Read the latest updates on straw homes and our work with ModCell.

This site is from an earlier stage of the BaleHaus project and may be out of date.

Will houses of the future be made of straw?

Researchers from the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials at the University of Bath have built a house made of prefabricated straw and hemp panels on campus to test how they perform as building materials.

Straw and hemp are the ultimate environmentally-friendly building materials – they are totally renewable and because they absorb CO2 as they grow, buildings made from it can have a tiny or even negative carbon footprint.

The BaleHaus@Bath is part of a major new research project in collaboration with Modcell and several other industrial partners into how these renewable building materials can be used for homes of the future.

Watch videos about the BaleHaus project and a time-lapse video of the construction on our videos page!

Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4's Grand Designs, officially opened the BaleHaus at Bath on Thursday 19 November. You can watch a video of the opening, including an interview with Kevin on our videos page.

The BaleHaus @ Bath (Image by Modcell)


January 2015 - Homes built using ModCell are going on the open market. Read more about the new homes and the impact of our research.

June 2010 - BaleHaus@Bath wins Innovation Award at South West Built Environment Awards 2010. It has also been shortlisted for a British Construction Industry award.

May 2010 - The BaleHaus@Bath can withstand hurricanes, following a test simulating wind loading - read the press release

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