Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Eurocell: EU market development of MODCELL (a prefabricated eco-building system utilising renewable materials)

At a glance

Funding body: EASME Eco-Innovation
Principal investigator: Pete Walker
Researchers: Andrew Thomson, Aydin Nassehi
Industry partners: ModCell, White Design Associates, Integral Engineering Design, BB-Architecten
Dates: 2011-2014


The EUROCELL project aims to develop wider sector uptake of straw bale construction through material and structural performance engineering research. In fulfilling this aim the proposed solution expects the carbon impact of new buildings by up to 80% compared to current solutions. To achieve this aim requires further research on materials, performance testing and development, and monitoring of building performance.

This project is funded by the EC’s EASME Eco-Innovation scheme in collaboration with four industry based partners in UK and Netherlands.