Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Development of hemp based composite materials for construction

At a glance

Funding body: BRE Trust PhD Studentship
Principal investigator: Pete Walker
Co-investigators: Kevin Paine and Tim Yates (BRE)
Researcher: Eddy Hirst
Dates: 2007-2010


The project will investigate the micro-structure interaction between hemp and lime based binders in order to develop understanding of hydraulic binders for hemp-lime composite materials.

Chemical and micro-structural (crystalline) properties of various hemp-lime materials will be studied. These will be supported by physical property tests, including strength, density, vapour permeability and thermal characteristics. As well as non-hydraulic (air-lime) and hydraulic binders (cement, lime) study will investigate use of pozzolans, water-retaining agents, aggregates and other additives.

The three-year study will develop, and possibly patent, binder(s) for use in hemp-lime composite materials.