Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering



Development and demonstration of highly insulating, construction materials from bio-derived aggregates.

At a glance

Date: Feb 2015 - Feb 2019
Principal Investigator: Dr Mike Lawrence
Research Officer: Yunhong Jiang

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The ISOBIO project will develop a new approach to insulating materials through the novel combination of existing bio-derived aggregates with low embodied carbon together with innovative binders to produce durable composite construction materials.

These novel composites will target 50% lower embodied energy and CO2 at component level and 20% better insulation properties than conventional material. The project will also seek to demonstrate a reduction of at least 15% in total costs and 5% total energy spent over the life time of a building.

The four year project is split into four planned development phases with the first two focusing on taking the materials from idea to application. The next two phases will switch emphasis to a smooth transition from laboratory to demonstration scale, facilitating an exploitation of the results by the building industry and key stakeholder groups such as construction professionals, local authorities and architects.