Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Developing sustainable masonry walling

At a glance

Funding body: Great Western Research
Principal investigator: Pete Walker
Co-investigators: Enrico Fodde
Researcher: Ian Molesworth
Academic partner: University of Bristol
Industry partner: Ibstock Ltd
Dates: 2008-2011


This GWR sponsored PhD project is exploring and developing more sustainable methods of fired brick masonry construction. This will be achieved by developing novel hybrid methods of construction using alternative low carbon building materials. The project will seek to combine the advantages of constituent materials to develop most effective solutions.

Specific objectives are:

  • Complete appraisal of available low carbon materials;
  • Undertake initial testing of materials to assess compatibility and potential uses with fired clay brickwork;
  • Develop hybrid composite building systems;
  • Test hybrid systems for performance;
  • Develop design guidance for application of hybrid systems.