Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Polymer composites

Our work includes:

  • repair and strengthening of concrete structures
  • use of polymers for impact strengthening
  • all polymeric structures
  • filament winding of polymeric reinforcement
  • permanent formwork for concrete structures.

The Centre has an international reputation for its work developing the use of fibre reinforced polymers for repair and strengthening of existing concrete structures as well as in new build applications, such as as for reinforcement or permanent formwork (Tim Ibell and Antony Darby).

Work in this field also includes the  development of innovative natural fibre composite materials (Martin Ansell).

Research is also ongoing in the development of fully polymeric structures and cladding applications (Mark Evernden).

The following research projects are currently ongoing or have recently been completed in the field of advanced and polymer composites:

Project People
Anchorage zones for FRP-prestressed concrete Full project details >> Tim Ibell
Modelling of realistically sized and loaded FRP confined rectangular reinforced concrete columns Full project details >> Antony Darby and Tim Ibell
Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) stay in place (SIP) participating formwork for new construction Full project details >> Antony Darby
Shear capacity of FRP-prestressed concrete structures Full project details >> Tim Ibell
Development of new flexible sub sea insulating systems from polymeric materials Full project details >> Martin Ansell
An expert system for FRP strengthening projects Full project details >> Tim Ibell
Polymeric facades: advanced composites for retrofit Full project details >> Tim Ibell
Experimental assessment and thermal characterisation of ETFE foil Full project details >> Andy Shea
Investigation of moment redistribution in FRP-strengthened continuous RC beams Full project details >> Tim Ibell