Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Wind-induced vibration of tall timber buildings

At a glance

Supervisors: Richard Harris and Wen-Shao Chang
Dates: 2010-2013


There is evidence of a desire to build taller buildings in timber. This has been made possible by advances in fire engineering and the use of timber in efficient forms such as glued-laminated sections and cross-laminated panels. The UK has two of the tallest timber buildings in the world in the Stadthaus and Bridport House in London, both 8-storeys tall and constructed in the last 5 years.

As taller buildings are constructed from timber, these lightweight, efficient structures have the potential to respond in a dynamic way to turbulent wind load. An accurate understanding of their dynamic properties, such as stiffness and damping, is essential to ensure that such buildings perform their function correctly.

This research seeks to investigate stiffness and damping in modern timber structures, from the microstructural behaviour of timber which dissipates energy and produces damping, to the movement of complete buildings.