Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Physical Processes in Natural Waters Workshop 2016

Bath weir

In July, the University of Bath hosted the 19th International Physical Processes in Natural Waters (PPNW) workshop.

The PPNW workshops explore the physics of lakes and coastal water bodies. They look at the interactions with the physical and biogeochemical processes that control water quality, ecosystem functions, and the services these systems provide.

This year's workshop focused on innovative measurements of turbulence and biogeochemical fluxes in lakes and other stratified waters.

Professor John Simpson, from Bangor University, was the keynote speaker on the day.

The open workshop expanded contacts with neighbouring fields such as physical oceanography, the atmospheric sciences, and engineering. With forty to sixty participants and a small number of invited speakers, the PPNW meetings combine an active workshop atmosphere with a comfortable timeframe for presentations and discussions.


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