Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Infrastructure Resilience

We are faced with the engineering challenge of ensuring both current and future infrastructure resilience. This includes resilience to flooding, tsunami and landslide hazards that are triggered by extreme weather events, land use change and longer term climate change. Such events can cause significant damage and disruption to road and rail networks, energy infrastructure, flood defences and the built environment.

Civil engineers and infrastructure owners need to understand the condition of existing infrastructure and to identify potential failures in response to environmental change.

Research within WEIR aims to understand infrastructure resilience to environmental change by measuring and modelling the impact of extreme events on engineering structures. This will allow infrastructure owners and operators to target the allocation of resources for maintenance or prevention measures.

The expertise within the group includes:Infrastructure Resiliance, WEIR

  • field monitoring of infrastructure earthworks
  • vegetation influence on near surface hydrogeology
  • modelling and monitoring of wave impacts on flood defences.

Key staff