Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Natural Hazards

Every year around the world, natural hazards such as: floods, landslides, earthquakes and wind storms are causing trillions of dollars-worth of damage. Civil engineers play an important role in both protecting society by designing prevention measures, for example flood defences, and by designing more robust and resilient infrastructure to help mitigate the impacts of extreme events.

Key research topics being pursued within WEIR aim to develop new and improved tools for engineers to better understand and predict both the magnitude and the frequency of future events, and how such events interact with the both natural and the build environment.

The expertise within the group include:Natural Hazards, WEIR

  • frequency analysis of extreme events
  • modelling and monitoring of coastal and marine processes
  • hydrological design flood modelling
  • numerical modelling of urban and coastal flooding, including tsunami.

Key staff