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James Fidal

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Room: 6E 3.1
Email: Twitter: @J_Fidal

James Fidal

About myself

James Fidal is a third year PhD student in the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Bath and is part of the WEIR group.


The world's population is increasing by approximately 80 million people each year. With more than 50\% of the world's population living in urban areas, and this percentage is expected to increase further. The introduction of urban land-cover changes the hydrological characteristics of catchments. So there is a need to develop new components to account for this change in urbanisation. So main objective of my PhD is to investigate the impact of urbanisation on river runoff via rainfall runoff modelling. A generalised runoff frame-work alongside a single pipe urban routing technique has been implemented into a rural rainfall runoff model, in order to better simulate urban areas of catchments. The model that has been designed is the URMOD model, the URMOD model is currently been used in the POLLCURB project funded by the NERC Changing Water Cycle programme.