Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

John Hart

Contact details

Room: 6E 3.6

Ph.D. project

John is a postgraduate researcher in WEIR (Research Unit for Water, Environment and Infrastructure Resilience) within ACE (Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering) at the University of Bath.

I am interested in the use of camera based approaches to monitor coastal processes, specifically coastal erosion and recovery. My PhD aims to use these approaches (drones, kites, ground level photography) to assess how the beach face is changing in response to storm events. Much focus has been centred on beach erosion, however relatively little is known about beach recovery. My research aims to utilise novel and low cost approaches to monitor beach evolution throughout a storm period by building appropriate outputs (3D mesh, DEM, DTM, point clouds) to assess how changes vary across a beach face. These outputs have the potential to be comparable to LiDAR and TLS methodologies and thus further research is required to fully understand the best parameters that enable high quality products using the SfM (Structure from Motion) workflows. If successful, these approaches may provide an opportunity for community based monitoring which could allow high quality beach data to be collected relatively easily (and at low cost) while promoting the importance of coastal geomorphological monitoring to a wider audience.

I am originally from Pembrokeshire, so have always been interested in the coast and the processes which shape the coastline and did my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Aberystwyth. My main focus throughout this time was on fluvial geomorphology. I have a keen interest in many sports, most notably football and play the guitar in my spare time