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Mahan Amani

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Room: 6E 3.3
Tel: +44 (0)1225 382506
Email: Twitter: @mahan_amani

Mahan Amani

About myself

I have studied Agricultural Engineering (Water/Hydraulic) as a bachelor's program at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran and Water Resources Engineering as a master's a program at Lund University, Sweden. Currently, I am carrying out research on a project entitled “Biogeochemical controls on Manganese cycling in drinking water reservoirs” at University of Bath, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.


This research focuses on investigating how:

  1. Drinking water quality is influenced by biogeochemical cycling of dissolved oxygen (O2) and manganese (Mn) and
  2. How engineered in-situ methods can be used to improve reservoir (i.e., drinking water source) water quality.

Mn is one of the primary drinking-water treatment concerns in the UK and globally due to complicated Mn redox kinetics and the fact that Mn removal in drinking water treatment plants is often complex and expensive. In the UK, the main source of Mn is geologic and sedimentary and its transport within drinking water supply reservoirs is largely controlled by O2 levels. A lack of O2 leads to the release of Mn from the sediment to the overlying water. Therefore, monitoring O2 is crucial to understanding Mn dynamics and avoiding high concentrations of Mn in source water.


Drs Lee Bryant, Danielle Wain and Thomas Kjeldsen