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Qiang Chen

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Qiang Chen

Ph.D. project

Developing a Particle-In-Cell (PIC) based numerical solver for fluid-structure interaction in the coastal and offshore environment. The project was jointly supported by University of Bath and HR Wallingford.

This PIC model is hybrid Eulerian and Lagrangian (both fixed grid and moving particles are used). It combines advantages from both Eulerian and Lagrangian methods. The developed PIC model was found to be both efficient and flexible in simulating complex problems such as wave overtopping, wave breaking and the interaction of such waves with fixed or floating structures of arbitrary shape. I wrote the solver in both two and three spatial dimensions using FORTRAN, and I also parallelised the 3D solver using the MPI approach.

Educational Background

  • Master degree in Coastal and offshore engineering at 2013, from Dalian University of Technology, China
  • Bachelor degree in Port, Coastal and offshore engineering at 2010, from Hohai University, China

Research Areas

  • CFD modelling (PIC, SPH, etc.);
  • Fluid-structure interaction;
  • Fall-pipe rock dumping;
  • Tank sloshing;
  • Coupling effect of sloshing and ship motion.
  • High Performance Computing


Journal articles

Chen, Q., Kelly, D. M., Dimakopoulos, A. S. and Zang, J., 2016. Validation of the PICIN solver for 2D coastal flows. Coastal Engineering, 112, pp. 87-98.

Chen, Q., Zang, J., Dimakopoulos, A. S., Kelly, D. M. and Williams, C. J. K., 2016. A Cartesian cut cell based two-way strong fluid-solid coupling algorithm for 2D floating bodies. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 62, pp. 252-271.

Kelly, D. M., Chen, Q. and Zang, J., 2015. PICIN: a particle-in-cell solver for incompressible free surface flows with two-way fluid-solid coupling. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 37 (3), B403-B424.


Chen, Q., Kelly, D. M., Spearman, J., Dimakopoulos, A., Zang, J. and Williams, C., 2015. CFD Modelling of Fall Pipe Rock Dumping Using PICIN. In: Coastal Sediments 2015, USA.

Chen, Q., Zang, J., Kelly, D., Williams, C. and Dimakopoulos, A., 2015. Particle–In–Cell Numerical Solver for Free Surface Flows with Fluid–Solid Interactions. In: 30th International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies, UK.

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching assistant in Surveying and geology field course, University of Bath
  • Lab demonstrator for 2nd Year Undergraduates, University of Bath
  • Undergraduate Student supervising, University of Bath