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Russell Arnott

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Russell Arnott

About myself

Having completed a combined-Masters in Oceanography at the University of Southampton, Russell worked as a physical oceanographer and sediment dynamicist for a number of years. He then went to complete a PGCE in Secondary Science (Physics) at University of Sussex before working as Head of Physics at a secondary sixth-form in London. With a passion for public engagement, Russell left teaching to pursue a career in schools’ outreach acting as Education Consultant and Presenter for WhaleFest: Incredible Oceans. Russell frequently performs at science communication events across the UK organising all-ages workshops and talks. He has performed at Cheltenham Science Festival, regional STEMFests and Big Bang Fairs, Elderflower Fields Festival, The Science Show-Off, Ignite Bath, and Brighton Science Festival as well as The Channel 5 Saturday Show.

Russell joined the University of Bath in September 2016 to study phytoplankton morphology and its influence on turbulent interactions. The aim of this project is to successfully determine to what degree the size and shape of a particular phytoplankton species dictates how it interacts with different levels of turbulence. This has wider ranging implications for modelling water quality and ecosystem dynamics as well as public health and fisheries management. As well as collecting field data from a variety of aquatic environments, the project will involve numerical modelling as well as empirical data gathering via a series of mesocosm experiments involving cultures of phytoplankton and 3D-printed scale models of phytoplankton species.

Educational Background

PhD in Architecture and Civil Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Danielle Wain
Co-supervisors: Dr Jaime Martinez-Urtaza and Dr Mehdi Cherif (Umeå University, Sweden)
Where: University of Bath (UK)
Area: Phytoplankton morphology and turbulent environments

Master of Oceanography (4-year combined Masters degree

When: October 2000 to June 2004
Where: University of Southampton
Undergraduate Thesis: Calculating turbulent dissipation from Thorpe Scales
Masters Thesis: Temperature, turbulence, and chlorophyll across a front in a freshwater lake


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