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Australia and New Zealand alumni contacts

Here you can find the profiles of graduates in the area who are responsible for alumni activity.

Sam Mukhtar (New Zealand)
BSc Mechanical Engineering 1980

Sam Mukthar"I spent a wonderful time in Bath between 1977 and 1980 graduating with a BSc in Engineering. My memories of Bath have stayed with me all this time. I am very fond of the city and the University. Whilst I have been in New Zealand for 25 years, I always take the opportunity to visit the University every time I am in England.

"I owe a lot of my success to the excellent education I received. Most important is the style of education that makes one an independent thinker and not a textbook learner. And for that I am grateful.

"I have been a consulting and design engineer since graduation specialising in Air Conditioning, Hydraulic Services and Swimming Pool Plant design. I am a partner of a consulting firm in Auckland, New Zealand, where I continue to practice to date."

Diana Shipp (Australia)
BPharm (Hons) Pharmacy 1982

Adelaide Young (Australia)
MBioChem (Hons) Biochemistry w Plcmt 2012

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