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Here you can find the profiles of graduates in the area who are responsible for alumni activity.

Martin Porter
BA European Studies and Modern Languages 1990, PhD Management 1995

Martin Porter

Martin Porter is Managing Director of Edelman | The Centre and was a co-founder of The Centre before it joined the Edelman network in 2010. He is closely involved and highly active in its consulting activities, where he specialises in strategic advice and high-level ‘public engagement’ support especially in areas related to the low carbon economy, sustainability and risk management issues. His track record during his 15 years of EU public affairs activity in Brussels includes advocacy and communications campaign design and support to companies, associations, coalitions, NGOs and governments involved in the above areas to created shared value outcomes that deliver public goods as well as private enterprise benefits.

With a Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Bath and a first class joint honours degree in Modern Languages and European Studies from the same university, he is also a visiting fellow of the School of Public Policy at UCL and a Senior Associate of the Cambridge University Programme for Sustainability Leadership.

A British national, he speaks English and French fluently, with conversational Italian and German. Married to another graduate of Bath University, Nikki Pattison (who is half British, half Austrian), with whom he has three children, he is a constructively critical, pro-European Liberal Democrat who lives by the motto ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ – combining a love of many sports and ‘the great outdoors’ with a passion for learning, reading, teaching and enjoying others’ company, especially where fine food and drink are involved.

Julian Hale
MA Interpreting & Translating 2000, MA Contemporary European Studies 2002

Julian Hale

Formerly a translator and interpreter, Julian went back to university in 2001 to try to understand the mysterious workings of the EU. Still learning lots of new things and meeting lots of interesting people after eight years, he has found plenty of work as a freelance journalist/translator/editor.

Julian's current clients include Europolitics, Defense News, Security Europe, the think tank Notre Europe and a number of communications companies. He speaks French, Spanish, Italian and German, so any cinema outings or book clubs/discussion groups relating to these languages would be of great interest to him. Julian plays hockey for a Belgian club, and over the summer he runs an occasional cricket team and a softball team (other alumni always welcome to take part). He also plays regular tennis and five-a-side football and is on the look-out for new players all the time. In fact, Julian will play or watch practically any sport with a ball, so feel free to get in touch!

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