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Cooking up a storm in SF

aditi-shah - 216 pixelsThere’s definitely something exciting about helping talented, determined young people – especially when you know that the next step could make all the difference.

Aditi Shah, one of our third year students, is a shining example. She wanted to do a placement with La Cocina, a non-profit food business incubator that helps women from low-income communities in the Bay Area – and she had the passion and the contacts to make it happen.

But there was a problem.

Despite taking an extra job, finding an academic to fund her flights and a successful crowdfunding campaign she still needed, precisely, $2,609. Without it, she remained determined to go, but would be, as she put it, “pretty broke”.

And that’s when the US alumni community stepped in, making a grant through the University of Bath Foundation Ltd which helped Aditi to make up that critical shortfall. As she said on her return, “Your donations helped me fulfil a dream and made possible what has been a life-changing experience.”


Our students’ pioneering placements depend on donations from alumni across the world. Please support a life-changing opportunity with a gift to the University of Bath Foundation Ltd.

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