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Pioneering green technology

The University works closely with industrial partners to develop practical technologies that reduce damaging impacts on the natural environment. This includes reducing dependency on fossil fuels and honing the efficiency of engines and other machines, as well as ensuring that these improvements are backed up by sound policy and ethos.

A gift to sustainable technology is one way to help preserve our environment for future generations.


Clean water

Collecting water
With your help, we’re working towards making water cleaner and more accessible to people worldwide.


Sustainable power

Solar panels
Our researchers are developing safer, cheaper and more efficient new materials that can be used for solar cells.



Asieh Kazmani - Centre for Graphene Science
The super-light conductor graphene has the potential to revolutionise technology as we know it.


How you can help

Make a regular gift to the University
Leave a gift in your Will
Volunteer your time for students

If you would like to discuss your support for sustainable technology research, please contact Andrew Monk (Deputy Director of Development).

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