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Alumni generously support student and academics

Mon Sep 05 09:45:00 BST 2016

Every year thousands of alumni support students and academis at the University of Bath by making a gift to the Alumni Fund. Their generosity supports a range of projects including scholarships, placements and activities across campus.

Twice a year a panel made up of student representatives, staff and alumni meet to review the applications for Alumni Fund Grants and decide which projects will receive funding.

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni community eight projects received grants worth £50,000 at the most recent panel meeting.

Projects to receive funding included a team from the Department of Computer Science who will use their grant to build a customised 3D body scanner, offering a unique training opportunity for students and post-graduate researchers whilst also giving researchers from across the University access to a vital piece of research equipment.

The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering also received funding to support research into depletion of oxygen levels in water during periods of warm weather. They hope that by creating movement in the water they will help to improve the quality of drinking water by reducing the growth of contaminating algae.

Nightline, the confidential and anonymous listening, support and information service received funding to pay for much needed new desks and beds. Providing an invaluable support service to students every night of the week during term time, this new equipment will help Nightline to ensure that they can provide a supportive and comfortable environment for their volunteers to work in.

Whilst the Waterpolo Club will now be able to replace their dangerous goals with new foldable equipment.  This will not only reduce the risk of injury for club members, but will also help to ensure that they are able to build on their competition successes by making training easier. There was also a grant to support the refurbishment of the wudu facilities at the on campus prayer room.

These grants are only possible thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, like you, who donate over £300,000 every year to support our academics and students to look further than they would otherwise be able to.

To find out more about how you can play your part in enabling bright minds to reach their potential and to spark bright ideas that will benefit us all visit our Look Further pages.