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Roger Cole
It may suprise some of you that there are a number of us early (pre 1966) Bath graduates that never experienced the Claverton Down campus and undertook their studies at what was the Bristol CAT (College of Advanced Technology) in the old Mullers Homes at Ashley Down, Bristol. On graduation, we had the choice of opting for a "new" Bath University degree, or retaining a Diploma in Technology. As one who took the Bath BSc (Applied Biology) option I have to admit that my 40 year career in various branches of the Biological Sciences has been aided by a Bath degree - though I never actually went there. Firstly 30 years in Agrochemicals Development travelling all over the world (50 countries) and then 10 years in Conservation Management and Biodiversity in the UK. Now retired but still very active in various aspects of Biology, I look back on that "Bath degree" choice in 1965 as highly fortuitous.


Francis Murphy
A native of South Wales, Dr. Francis Murphy is a lecturer in mechanical engineering at Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. Following engineering education at Swansea College of Technology and Bath University, Francis became a Graduate of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (1970). Industrial training/experience was obtained at the National Coal Board (Llangennech), the British Iron and Steel Reseach Association (Swansea) and Wales Gas (Cardiff). This experience, together with further engineering education at Glamorgan Polytechnic, enabled Francis to obtain Chartered Engineer status (Institution of Gas Engineers 1972).

Whilst with Wales Gas, Francis undertook postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester where he acquired an interest in engineering course effectiveness. Leaving Wales Gas in 1974 for two years in service teacher training with Bolton Metropolitan Borough, Francis achieved qualified teacher status (secondary schools). This was followed by twelve months teaching with Bexley London Borough. In January 1978 he joined Cork Institute of Technology as a Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering).

His research interest in engineering education led him to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management (Institution of Mechanical Engineers 1992), a Master of Science degree in Training (University of Leicester 1996) and a Doctorate in Education (Open University 2005).

Francis lives with his wife of 21 years in County Cork, continuing to teach engineering at Cork Institute of Technology and occasionally publishing the results of his research into course effectiveness.

Most recent publication:
Murphy, F. S. (2010) "An 'essential attributes' approach to curriculum reform" in Elliott, G., Fourali, C. and Issler, S. (eds) "Education and social change - connecting local and global perspectives", London: Continuum.


Peter Towler
Doing OK and keeping well. Particularly keen to hear from any other Chemists who started in 1975, graduated in 1978, and also 1979 (starters in 1975 also graduated in 1979). Where are they now? Contact me on Facebook.


Fiona Marshall
Who's brave enough to go to the reunion in May? Fiona

Linda Taylor
After many years working in the food industry, I now work with my husband Andy, in his trumpet making business. We travel extensively to music conventions, and have customers and friends all over the world.

We have been married for 28 years and have one son, who is now 18, and have lived in Norwich for over 20 years.


Pedro Welch
I attended the University of Bath, 1983 - 1984, while on Commonwealth Scholarship. My colleagues and I in the MSc Development Studies were a closely knit group. I still remember most of the names: Edward Lowassa (who later became Prime Minister of Tanzania), Nev Jeffries ( British Red Cross), Brian Stockwell, Martin Lacey, Hanan Yanny, Anthi Votti, Robin Latimer, Solah mat Hasan, Mohamed Hassanuzzaman, Mohamed Balarabe, Maryam Abdule, Jack Bowman (now deceased). The class was characterized by deep respect for our varied cultures. They will be please, I am sure, to note that after graduation, I joined the staff of the University of the West Indies in Barbados and have just (October 13, 2010) been promoted to a full professorship. I still remember our trip with Jack Bowman to an old Saxon centre called Avesbury.

Pedro Welch
Faculty of Humanities and Education


Simon Mallender
After Uni I went to London to 'seek my fortune'. Ended up working for Price Waterhouse Management Consultancy. Left after four years to establish my own consultancy. Ran that for 7 years consulting on Document Management and Workflow into the energy industry. Emigrated to New Zealand, and re-joined Price Waterhouse, which became Pricewaterhousecoopers, 'Monday' for one week, and finally got swallowed up by IBM. I managed to jump ship before that happened and worked for a subsidiary of New Zealand Post for a while before joining EDS who promptly re-located me to Sydney, Australia. That was 2000 and the birth of my daughter Kena; 2 years later along came Daniel. I left EDS for the English software company Staffware, who then got swallowed by the American TIBCO. I jumped ship again to Optus - the number 2 telco over here and just after that the kids' mother left me. So now I live in a little beach side village called Freshwater with my two children. ...and we're still living happily ever after ;).


Samantha Jones
I graduated in July 1988 (Materials Science) and then I married David Jones in 1988 and we have just celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversay. I then did a PhD at University of Birmingham and am still there........ I am now the British Expert on Investment Casting Systems for Aerospace technology and I still having a great time in Engineering.


Andrew McPhail
After spending seven years working for British Gas in the Midlands, I took the big leap into the unknown and headed for London. Have now lived in Harrow for 12 years, married for 11 with a daughter aged 10 (and cat still hanging on, aged 15). I work in Software Development for a company providing specialist software for TV Broadcasters, and have travelled to our clients in Rome and Sydney.

My course was Maths and Computing, and I can safely say I've applied only the latter in my career.....

I house shared with Greg and Nick during year 2. I remember it snowed quite a lot!


Robin Monotti Graziadei
Robin Monotti Graziadei (BSc Architecture 1994) won the competition to design the Royal Parks Drinking Fountains. With his practice, Robin Monotti Architects, he was joint winner, chosen from over 150 entries from 26 countries. The winning design, titled Watering Holes, was judged on aesthetics, robustness for life in a public park, ease of maintenance and installation, sustainability and environmental impact and affordability.

The judges felt that the Watering Holes design was very ‘art-led’. The first prototype is due to be constructed in Green Park by May 2011, followed by replicas in all eight Royal Parks.

See the website for details.

Simon Windle
Still living in Bexleyheath, SE London but am now Head of Mathematics and Business Studies Faculty at Gravesend Grammar School for Girls. Also ventured into the world of politics and have been elected to London Borough of Bexley Council since 2002 where I am currently Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education.


Sean Keaney
Since leaving Bath and completing my education in Plymouth I have worked across the South West, building healthcare projects and schools. I now live in Exeter with my wife and son, and have been running my own architectural practice for the last 15 months:


Katherine Barkwith
I married Neil Warren (Psychology and Sociology 2000) on 14 August 2010 at Chewton Place near Bristol. We had a fantastic day and were pleased to share it with several Bath alumni.


Markus Knarr
I work as a project manager for the PricewaterhouseCoopers Strategy Team, which I joined in 2006. Together with Catherine Zhao (MBA), who I met at the University of Bath, I run the start-up company Handefis (, an online webshop for special Chinese books.

Verity Goldsworthy
Verity Goldsworthy (Pharmacy 1997-2001) married Simon Bleathman (Computer Information Systems 1997-2001) on Saturday 4th September 2010 at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff with the wedding reception at St David's Hotel Cardiff Bay. We honeymooned for a month in Asia visiting Kuala Lumpur, Borneo, Bangkok and Koh Samui.


David Fleet
Immediately after graduating I moved to Canada (where I did my final year exchange), where I began a career in communications and marketing. After working on the client side for about five years, I moved to the consulting side in 2008, joining a small agency to build their digital practice. In the Fall of 2010, I joined the Toronto office of Edelman - the world's largest public relations agency - as Vice President of Digital.


Caroline Emptage
I have just had my second child this summer and returned to work at Morvus Technology, a a scientific research and development company in Wales.


Rebecca Rimmington
Accepted onto British Cycling Paralympic Academy Program in 2010 as tandem pilot for blind & visually impaired riders. Finished 2010 ranked World Number 1, won gold and silver at the World Cup in Segovia, Gold at Europa Cups in Bilbao, Spain and Bayonne, France as well as becoming British Para-cycling Road Race Champion.

Aisling Gray
Married Jeremy Gray (BBA 2005) in a small ceremony in the Guildhall, Bath followed by a big bash in the South of France accompanied by friends and family. Working and living in London.


Marco Lo Giudice
I started working in the reinsurance industry immediately after my PhD, initially in Ipswich. I married Olive (MA, 2006) in January 2007 and we live in London since the end of that year. We travel (together) to our respective home countries more or less once a year, although Italy is rather easier than Taiwan!

Recently we have been back to Bath to realise one of Olive's most long-standing wishes: a balloon flight!