Alumni & friends

Alumni and friends support new scholars

This year we welcomed more than 150 new scholars to the University. Their scholarships were awarded on 6 February by our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, in an inspirational ceremony to celebrate our scholars’ achievements and thank our many alumni and friends who support them.

Watch our short film about how scholarships help our students to look further.

See photos from the Scholarship Ceremony.

"A wonderful occasion"

Helping our inspiring students is something which our supporters greatly enjoy. Guests Martyn and Sue Isaac, who support our Alumni Fund scholarships, said: "What a wonderful occasion. It is lovely to see so many students being given the opportunity to reach their potential.”

Our high achieving scholars range from elite athletes to the researchers of the future. Thanks to our alumni and friends, over 1000 students have now received a scholarship which has given them the chance to achieve their best at Bath.

In their own words

Listen to the individual speeches made by our scholars to understand the impact philanthropic gifts make:

Steph Calley | Ieuan Guy | Prisca Awiti-Alcaraz | Dr Toby Jenkins and Scarlet Milo