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Your email address is professional and exclusive, not only an easy way to keep in touch with classmates and staff but also a real plus for graduates beginning their professional careers. The service is smartphone-friendly, advertising-free, and users will also benefit from unlimited storage.

For graduating students

Graduating students will automatically receive a BathMail username and password to their BUCS email account before BUCS deactivate this account. Please remember that BathMail is an entirely new account offered by the Alumni Relations team and is not intended to replace your BUCS email accounts; no information will be transferred.

For alumni

Alumni who graduated before 2012 are also able to sign up for a BathMail email account. Please follow the link on the right, which will take you to the BathMail sign up form.

For staff and friends of the University

Staff and friends of the University are also able to sign up for a BathMail account. Please email with your name and affiliation to the University, and we will usually be able to create an account for you.

If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or email 

Your email account is free from advertising. Google does not advertise to Education domains - find out more on the Google Apps for Education security and privacy page.

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The University of Bath Alumni Relations team reserves the right to close your BathMail account if misuse is reported.