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Writing a Placements grant report

Placements give students the opportunity to apply their learning to the world of work, gain valuable professional experience, and develop skills through discovering different cultures and places. Placements also offer students a competitive advantage when they enter the job market.

Your placement was granted Alumni Fund support because the panel saw it as a valuable and imaginative opportunity to support your learning goals, and a worthwhile project with which to represent the University of Bath. Your report should convince the donor community of the importance of such projects for both students and the wider world.

A good report might cover the following points:

  • Where did your placement take place? What did you do? Why was it a worthwhile project?
  • What other skills and experience did you gain during the placement?
  • What did your placement grant allow you to do, that might otherwise have been impossible?
  • What aspects of the placement did you find most challenging or interesting?
  • How do you feel you have developed personally during the placement?
  • What other activities you have been involved in while on placement, and how have these aided your personal development?
  • How has your placement experience made a difference to your University life, or how will it do so in the future?
  • What would you like to say to the donors whose donations supported your placement? 

Send your completed report and photos to Liz Foot


Showing people, rather than just telling them, is a more effective way of communicating how important your grant was in helping you to achieve your goals. Try to include a picture that captures what was so interesting about your placement that attracted funding in the first place.


Bad placements photo

A photo of someone working at a computer shows us nothing of what made your placement interesting enough to support it with a grant.


Good placements photo

Shows the grant recipient taking part in placement responsibilities, in such a way that the photo tells the story of the placement.