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Writing a scholarship grant report

A scholarship not only lightens a financial burden, it is also a gift of opportunity. You, as students considered deserving of this gift, represent the promise and ambition of the next generation. Your report is a chance to justify donors’ faith in you by showing how you are making the most of your time at Bath.

A good report might cover the following points:

  • What has your scholarship grant allowed you to do, that might otherwise have been impossible?
  • What aspects of your year at university did you find most challenging or interesting?
  • How do you feel you have developed personally during the year?
  • What extra-curricular activities have you been involved in while at university, and how have these aided your personal development?
  • What are your aims for the coming academic year, and after graduation?
  • What would you like to say to the donor(s) who supported your scholarship.

Send your completed report and photos to Liz Foot


Showing people, rather than just telling them, is a more effective way of communicating how important your grant was in helping you to achieve your goals. Try to include a picture that will help you tell the story about the impact of the funding e.g. maybe the financial flexibility of your grant has allowed you to join a club or society, or do volunteer work.


Bad photo

While it may say something about what you were able to do during your year, it is not well composed.

Scholarships photo bad example

Good photo

Well composed and lit. Helps tell the story of your year at Bath by showing what your grant allowed you to do.

Scholarship photo good example