Global competition

The UK automotive industry is the fourth largest in the world.

Global companies can locate anywhere but our facility will bring them to the UK and keep them here, putting us in the driving seat in creating a new breed of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The UK needs to increase its competitiveness within the global propulsions market, and this is a key focus for the facility.

Environmental standards

With tighter restrictions on environmental standards, the need to build cars with lower emissions and excellent performance is increasing which is a fundamental issue that this facility will focus on.

Today’s vehicle engines are already smaller and cleaner, but just as powerful, because of the previous research done at the University. This facility will help build and expand on our already successful portfolio of work, which includes projects with Ford and Jaguar Land Rover.

The economy

This facility will reduce unemployment by creating around 2000 new jobs and keeping 21 jobs secure.

Instead of our workforce going abroad, their skills and services will be re-shored to the UK, balancing and strengthening the economy in a fast and efficient way.

Our intellectual capital will remain in the UK and be pumped back into developing products and services for the international market.

Skills shortage

Transformational research takes highly skilled engineers to carry out effectively.

This facility will offer undergraduate, masters and PhD training opportunities to upskill those currently in the sector and to encourage more people to develop their interests.

The space will be offered to start-ups and future entrepreneurs to come and experiment, learn and deliver their products to the market.

Anyone who works with us will benefit from our breadth of knowledge and understanding, and it will be the beginning of a long-term relationship.