Welcome to the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS), a new research facility in the heart of the Bristol and Bath Science Park, which focuses on bringing the global automotive market to the UK.

The new facility will provide the space, equipment and opportunity to drive the UK to the head of transformational research for tomorrow’s clean, efficient vehicles.

Our combination of experts and highly specified equipment alongside the reputation and track record of the University of Bath presents an irresistible offer.

We have a longstanding record for delivering world-class advanced propulsion systems research, and are best placed to lead on the creation and establishment of such an exciting and significant research facility.

This national facility will focus on the current industry problems, the need for cleaner and environmentally smarter cars, with equipment that can replicate real-world driving conditions in a lab.

We want to revolutionise the industry and showcase the UK as a major international player.

“With 40 years of research and knowledge at the wheel, this facility will help reshape the automotive landscape and position the institute as a Global Centre of Excellence.” – President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Dame Glynis M. Breakwell DBE, DL