Academic Skills Centre

English Language Centre students at the University of Bath

NEW! 'Write Bites' workshops

Want to develop your academic writing?

For example, learn how to:

  • write an effective abstract
  • develop a written argument
  • integrate source material into your essays and reports.

Every Wednesday at 13.15 in the Writing Centre (on the parade, 3 West 2.1)

No need to register; just drop in with your lunch

See you there!

Academic skills workshops

Registration open from Monday 22 February 2016 for short academic skills workshops:

  • Mastering your academic writing
  • Perfecting your presentation skills

Weekly classes from 4 - 29 April 2016.

Academic Skills Centre (ASC)

We offer academic skills and English language programmes and services to current and prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Academic Skills programmes and services support current students to attain the highest levels of academic achievement in their studies, future careers and beyond.

The Pre-sessional programmes prepare prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students for study on a University degree programme.

Our programmes are delivered by our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, working closely with our academic and Professional Services colleagues across the University.

What we do

  • academic writing
  • written and spoken communication
  • critical thinking
  • reading and listening for information
  • avoiding plagiarism
  • giving presentations
  • writing support

What we deliver