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General English courses

If you are looking for a summer course that will develop and improve your general English language and communication skills and introduce you to various aspects of British culture, then you can join our General English courses (ELAC).

English Language and Culture (ELAC)

This is a high energy and active English language programme which will give you a learning experience to remember. You will study with students at the same language level as your own and make friends from all over the world, learning with them and from them.  Above all, you will develop your confidence in using English.

ELAC is composed of four two-week courses running in July and August. You can join at any point and study for either two or four weeks. Classes cover all language skills with the main focus on speaking and listening.

Special features

  • focus on active learning
  • study British culture
  • work on language fluency
  • project work on a topic of your choice
  • you can join our social programme of activities outside class time.

Other details

  • new courses start every two weeks
  • study for two weeks or four weeks
  • maximum of 16 students in each group
  • all classes are on the University of Bath campus.

The English language level required for entry is a minimum of IELTS 4.5 or equivalent (lower-intermediate), and you must be at least 18 years old.

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