Institutional Skills Review

Wed Mar 18 08:00:00 GMT 2015

The University and the Students’ Union have jointly commissioned an institutution-wide review of skills development opportunities for students. This Review will explore current opportunities in three main areas, Academic Skills, Employability and Personal Development. The main aim is to identify how to provide an enhanced, coherent and comprehensive skills offer for students. This Review is being carried out during the next few months with a planned reporting date of end June 2015.



Funded by the University and overseen by the University’s Student Development Board, as part of the implementation of the Education Strategy 2013-16, this Review was identified as necessary by the Board last autumn.

The Review will explore three main categories of skills provision:

•    Academic Skills
•    Employability
•    Personal Development

Ian Robinson, Chair of the Student Development Board and Chief Executive of the Students’ Union, said:

“All the key providers of skills development for students across the University recognise the importance of continuing to enhance our provision, delivering more efficiently and effectively, and ensuring that we are able to meet the fast-changing needs of our students. The ISR will develop our understanding of students’ needs and help to inform next steps for the future.”

Also commenting on the Review, Professor Bernie Morley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) said:

“I know there is an extremely strong shared goal amongst our Professional Services delivering skills development, including the Library and the Students’ Union, to ensure that our provision adds value to the student experience. The need to build on and complement the opportunities delivered by Academic Departments is seen as being extremely important. The outcomes of this Review should help us define our skills offer more clearly in support of our marketing activities and also remove duplicated provision which, in turn, will increase our efficiency. I am looking forward to hearing of progress.”

Within the context of the ISR, the University is also consulting on its Academic Skills Programme (ASP), which currently offers academic skills development in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and also extra-curricular classes, workshops and tutorials to students at all levels. It is planned to draw on the findings of the ISR to inform the future shape, mode of delivery and timing of the ASP for next academic year 2015/16.

During the next few months, the ISR Project Team, led by Caroline Dangerfield, Executive Officer, Vice-Chancellor's Office, will be contacting staff and students to obtain information and insight into current skills provision and user needs. A series of student and staff focus groups are currently being planned, and further information will be issued shortly. If you wish to share your views on our current and/or future skills provision for students at the University, you are welcome to submit your comments via this link: 

Joining Caroline Dangerfield on the ISR Project Team are:

Sarah Turpin, Head of Academic Skills Resources, Academic Skills Centre
Dr Tracey Stead, Consultant
Takashi Yonenaga, Business Analyst (Marketing)
Student Intern (to be appointed)

Further information email Caroline Dangerfield, ISR Project Manager, ext. 4883