Academic Skills Centre

New Doctoral Writing Group meets tomorrow

Mon Oct 13 08:00:00 BST 2014

Our new Doctoral Writing Group, for all doctoral students interested in any aspect of their writing, meets on Tuesday 14 October 2014 for the first time. If you are interested in attending tomorrow's meeting, or one of our future meetings, please email us. You are very welcome to attend. Set up by our new Writing Centre, this new Group will meet fortnightly in 8 West 1.28 from 12.15 to 14.05 p.m. Please bring a piece of your writing with you to the Group.


The aim of these sessions is to motivate and energise your doctoral writing, and to provide you with the confidence to manage your writing, to meet deadlines and achieve effective and efficient progress.


The course covers the following:

  •     introduction to the writing group: individual and group aspirations
  •     free-writing, generative writing, writing to prompts: strategies to overcome barriers
  •     working with peers: writing, thinking and discussion
  •     dialogue and feedback: developing a sense of audience
  •     finding a voice: dealing with literature overload
  •     taking strategies forward: creating your own writing space.

Please bring a piece of your writing with you to the Group.

Further information: Jackie Dannatt, Writing Centre Leader, Academic Skills Centre, ext 4962