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Tue Mar 07 12:19:00 GMT 2017

ASP BlogIf you are working on getting those extra marks in your essay writing or needing to put a presentation together, you may find our Academic Skills blog helpful. Take a look at our blog for weekly posts and podcasts on a range of different topics including:
  • essay and report writing
  • group working
  • presentations
  • getting started on academic reading
  • preparing for exams
  • taking part in online forums and discussions
  • independent study.
Check out our blog to get the best out of your academic studies, improve your skills and help you achieve success.
“Just wanted to say that I have had some time this evening to check out the posts in your blog and they are really helpful. I particularly like the videos as these are clear and informative - it's the kind of information I was looking for last semester and couldn't get hold of! So I hope there will be more of them - they will be great for going back to as I am writing, as they are only a few minutes long.” Ruby Starheart, MSc Wellbeing and Public Policy in International Development
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