Our research focuses on ecology, behaviour, conservation and evolution. It spans a wide range of organisms from around the world and at levels of organisation ranging from molecules to landscapes.

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CBBC Newsround: How poo is helping the bustard survive in UK

Watch CBBC Newsround's report on the LIFE+ Great bustard reintroduction dietary project broadcast on Tuesday 29th January [more]

Bird poo study to help great bustards thrive

Move over Gillan McKeith – scientists at the University of Bath are studying the droppings of great bustards to help understand their diet and nutrition with the aim of boosting their survival in a [more]

Polygamous Deserters! New Publication in Proceedings of the Royal Society B

by Katrina James (UoB Press Officer) Researchers from the University of Bath have established a mathematical model that goes some way to explain the very strange mating behaviour of the tiny Penduline tit. This misbehaving European bird has a unique attitude [more]

Bustards on Tour

Great bustards, released as part of an ambitious project that is bringing the birds back to the UK, are causing a stir by conducting their own tours of southern England. Andrew Taylor, Great Bustard LIFE Project Adviser for RSPB said; “This [more]




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